Canonica d’Adda (BG), Via 1° Maggio, 15
+39 02 90970565

Semifinished confectionery for Ho.Re.Ca.

Orobicamix is a successful company which produces semiprepared products, born due to some of the most expert people in the sector. Thanks to the twenty-year experience and to the dinamicity of its enterpreneur, OrobicaMix has already put a base in the Ho.Re.Ca. Market, both for new and traditional products.

Orobicamix is able to offer personal solutions to its clients using a functional Private Label system and also studying particular recipe just on request.

OrobicaMix, in its plant situated in Fara Gera d’Adda, can rely on the most new and technological tools and machineries, in an enviroment which respects all the law requests.

The success of OrobicaMix, beyond its deep know-how, is being capable and willing in improving more and more its R&D Department. That is what let us always be in “pole position” in the new market tendencies.


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