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Since every product is made inside our plants and thanks to its efficient management, Orobicamix can count on a variety of silver bullets, that convey in excellent services for its clientele.

Private Label Products

OrobicaMix shows a strong propensity for Private Label Product supply. OrobicaMix can customise every pack with the client’s brand.

private label

Labels in different languages

Do you need products with the label written in your language? Is that Hindi? Russian? Japanese? No problem at all; OrobicaMix can supply one label for each language in the world, you just have to ask for it.

etichette personalizzate

Special Recipes

Whatever your request is, OrobicaMix is capable to make it come true. No flavours nor size can stop us.


Just-in-time Support

Being well informed on the latest news and laws, OrobicaMix team will be at your complete disposal in every kind of circumstance, giving you both technical or legislative information.

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