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Marvellous taste, marvellous pack


During HOST 2015, OrobicaMix has presented a totally updated corporate image, starting from a new series of commercial printings (Catalogues, Brochures and Hot Chocolate Menu) up to the new packs of Milkshakes and Hot Chocolates, with a direct and tempting design.

As in its habit, OrobicaMix has developed these new packs in order to be highly customizable by sticking a private label with distributors brand and contact, in addition to the pertaining flavour. The strong points aren’t over yet: on the exteranl case, OrobicaMix declare the absence of hydrogenated fats and preservatives and, speaking about Choco Cream, also the very important absence of gluten.

As the best high fashion houses, for the Winter Collection 2015/16 OrobicaMix launches a new tasty flavour among its Choco Cream: the Dark with Chili Pepper…suggesting to enjoy it with a good company!